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Oh, Obama Girl — Why Do You Hurt Us So?

obamagirl.jpgThe latest attack ads on Obama Girl paint a bleak portrait of the only woman in American who could actually beat Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. It’s been widely reported already that’s its’ not her voice in the “Crush on Obama” video and that she’s leaning toward voting for Hillary anyway, but if all the allegations in this video are true, it may be time to move on.

Actually, I pretty much lost all respect for Obama Girl when she appeared on The Howard Stern show for an interview wearing only a bikini.

We loved you for your political views, not your body, Obama Girl. Tsk. Tsk.

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There is only one way to settle this election: Jello wrestling by proxy. All of the people running has to find a hot girl to fight for them, and the winners from each party (yeah, the Libertarians and indies can try too) compete in a massive free-for-all that will leave one hopefully topless lady standing.

And that is the sound of all the goodwill I built up with feminists suddenly evaporating.