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“I’m sorry Dave, but you can’t have the antique vase.”

halEye.jpgArtificial intelligence is coming to a divorce proceeding near you! There’s a relatively new software program called “Family Winner” which purportedly helps couples come to a rational resolution of their divorce. The program uses artificial intelligence and aspects of game theory developed by John Nash (the guy who Russell Crowe played in A Beautiful Mind) by asking each person to give a rating to any item that’s in dispute:

A wife might assign 30 points to the car, for instance, while the husband might assign only 20, indicating that the car is more important to the wife than to her spouse. In total, each person has 100 points to assign to all of the items or issues.
The software tallies all the points, creates an initial “trade-off map” and begins by solving the easiest dispute — the one for which there is the largest point discrepancy.
“The result, then, is a direct reflection of the priorities set by the disputants,” [developer Emilia] Bellucci told LiveScience.
The person who “loses” the first dispute is given extra points to assign to the remaining issues. The trade-off map is revised and the software moves on to resolve the next “easiest” dispute, continuing on this way until all are resolved. The idea is to create a “win-win” scenario.

This program isn’t commercially available yet, but it seems like something which there would surely be a market for. And the computers get one step closer to ruling us all.