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Please arrest me for growing pot. Pleeeeeease!

potPlants.jpgNote to self - if I’m ever growing copious amounts of weed, I might not want to draw attention to myself. This is a lesson which an Arizona man, Phillip Simmons, doesn’t seem to get. How else to explain why the 53-year-old was running around his neighborhood in the nude? The cops arrived after being tipped off to Simmons’ naked gallivanting, and when they caught him, they took him back to his house … where they found 150 pot plants with a total street value of about a quarter of a million dollars. Needless to say, Simmons was arrested and faces three felony drug charges (but, strangely, no charge for public indecency).

Meanwhile, an Ohio man was also busted for growing weed after taking photos of his plants and dropping the film off at a local CVS. When the film was developed and the CVS employees saw the weed plants, they of course called the cops. At least our buddy in Arizona got to enjoy a run in the buff as a tradeoff for getting busted. This Ohio guy didn’t even get to have any fun. But he may get off lightly, as the drug task force is hoping that he’ll lead them to a bigger drug growing operation.