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Pick-up Lines 101

ra2115530941.jpgIn Singapore, the situation is pretty dire. With a low birth rate and an increasingly aging population that is becoming more passionless by the moment, the government felt it was time to step in.

It was time….for flirting classes.

Wanna know what love is? Ask a Singaporean lecturer.
In an effort to boost the city-state’s low birth rate, Singapore’s Ngee Ann Polytechnic has launched a government-backed course teaching students about flirting and relationships. Subjects include love song analysis, speed-dating and online chatting.
“My teacher said if a guy looks into my eyes for more than five seconds, it could mean that he is attracted to me and I stand a chance,” 18-year-old student Isabel Seet was quoted as saying by the local Straits Times newspaper.
The course, “Understanding Relationships: Love and Sexuality”, is taught by an official from the Social Development Unit, the government’s match-making agency.
It has become so popular since its inception in October last year that the school has had to recruit another trainer, the polytechnic’s spokeswoman told Reuters.
The course is intended to provide an “understanding of the fundamentals of human relationships” and is one of two offered by Singapore’s polytechnics to encourage young Singaporeans to get married, the newspaper said.

I am soooo moving to Singapore. My chances would improve, like, 200 percent!