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I Can’t Control the Hillary Rage …

5pRNlX.jpegIn response to criticism leveled at Barack Obama for not leaving the church where the racially divisive Jeremiah Wright was a pastor, Hillary — clearly grasping at straws in light of her “misspakement” — had this to say: “He would not have been my pastor. You don’t choose your family, but you choose what church you want to attend.”

Ha! She would’ve left a church with a controversial preacher, but she wouldn’t leave her husband when he fucked half of Little Rock and D.C.? What happened to stand by your man, Hillary? That’s all Barack was doing. And at least Jeremiah Wright didn’t run the risk of giving Obama an STD.

Goddamnit, Hillary: You’re making me lash out at Bill, and I don’t want to lash out at Bill, but I’m starting to understand why the right detests you so much — it’s infectious.

Update: Hillary’s former minister comes out in support of Jeremiah Wright — does that mean Hillary would leave her old church, too?

Oh, and FYI:

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Ha! She would’ve left a church with a controversial preacher, but she wouldn’t leave her husband when he fucked half of Little Rock and D.C.?

Dustin, you are now my favorite person in the world. Thank you.

That's a ridiculous point. The relationship between a person and their clergyperson is based on general agreement on spiritual issues, that may be totally anonymous. A marriage is a legal and spiritual commitment between two people. When you leave a church, you don't have to divorce the preacher, nor do you leave children in your wake.

Why would you apologize for lashing out at Bill (who had the affairs) and fault Hillary for staying with him? Utter sexism.

I agree that Obama shouldn't dump his church just because he disagrees with some things his pastor might say. If everyone ditched those they disagree with we'd all be alone.

HOWEVER- I'd like to add my $.02 on the Clintons. Hillary didn't leave Bill because she likes women and I'm sure they have an agreement. There is no doubt in my mind Hillary has always known of and approved Bill's womanizing because she's a poon hound herself. That's why they're perfect for each other and make a good team. Spitzer's wife, on the other hand, seems to have been in the dark about the hoo-ahs and therefore should file divorce papers.

Hillary didn't leave Bill because then he couldn't cmapaign for her when she ran for president. Quid pro quo.

Shall we take a single event from US history and use that as the bar from which to judge the entire nation? This condemnation of a man for less than 2 minutes of sermons from a 20+ year career as a pastor is laughable. Even the clips shown are not in context and are no more offensive that the position Pat Buchanan has that the slaves were lucky to have been brought here.
Has anyone, anywhere not uttered a sentence that they would not like to be used to define them as an individual?

Where are the tax returns?

I consider myself a Christian, but I won't attend a church of any kind. The reason, as I explain to my wife, is that I would spend much of many sermons completely enraged by much of what is said on the pulpit.

That being said, Obama is obviously a devout Christian who has been a member of this church for 20 years. In that 20 years (during which countless sermons were taped) only a few minutes worth of offensive rhetoric was dug up.

I ask anyone, if you had a camera pointed at you for several hours a week for the last 20 years, how many things do you think you might get caught saying that someone would find offensive?

And if there's anyone out there that says they agree with 100% of what their Pastor/Minister/etc. has said 100% of the time, they are a mindless sheep and a large part of the reason our country is in the terrible shape that it's in. If they'd stop mindlessly voting robber barons into office based on whether or not they claim to hate the same people, we'd be a lot better off :P

And it's funny for someone that is married to claim that you don't choose your family. Was she born married to Bill, or did she choose him? Has she ever had a relationship with someone that was strong enough to consider them family, even if there is no blood relationship? If not, I pity her. Every time one of her friends says something that might be offensive to someone, does she just cut all ties with them forever?