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I’ve stapled my business card right to the legislation, so it’ll be easy to call me when you get arrested

walking-the-line.jpgA Massachusetts state representative, James Fagan, has introduced legislation that would essentially make it illegal to drive after having any booze at all. His bill would lower the state’s blood-alcohol limit from .08 to .02. Fagan says that he’s all for drinking, he just doesn’t want folks getting behind the wheel with any booze in their system.

Which is all well and good. But a cynic might focus on the portion of the article noting that Fagan has represented thousands of DUI defendants in court and think that this is just an attempt to drum up more business. But I’m no cynic. No sir, not I.

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I wouldnt mind this so much, but the T in Boston shuts down at 1230...1-2 hours before most bars close down...

a good way of reducing the amount of DUIs in the Commonwealth would be to have an adequate public transportation system.