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Ooops I Crapped My Pants

nowak.jpgEverybody thought Lisa Nowak was all sorts of astronaut shit crazy a few months back when she bought some diapers, a wig, and a trench coat and drove a couple thousand miles to stalk her romantic rival. Well, ladies and gentlemen: The diaper trick is the oldest in the book. I mean, it all but guaranteed that not only would she plead insanity to any charges brought against her (attempted kidnapping, battery and burglary) but that she’d probably even get off Scott free. It’s genius, right? I mean who the hell but a crazy lady decides to risk shitting her pants so she could kill her man’s new lover?

But if you ask me, it was a calculated move that may just set off a rash of diaper-insanity defenses that will flood the legal system. Just think: If Michael Vick had worn his Huggies while torturing and executing dogs, he might’ve avoided a prison sentence. If Paris Hilton had simply shat her Pampers before getting pulled over for that DUI, she’d have never spent a night in jail. Seriously, everyone should wear their Depend undergarments — you never know when you’re gonna get an attack of the crazies, and a wet diaper is like your get out of jail free card.

Crazy like fox.

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Or, crazy like A fox. Ya crazy.