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Misdemeanor Files: Make Sexy Time with Corpse

13983891_240X180.jpgJesus! Roderick Jones is a kinky motherfucker (and, by the looks of his mug shot, way fucking hiiiiigh). The man likes to get freaky with dead folk. As in, raising up a corpse leg, pulling off her stocking all slow-like, peeling off her plastic covering to the soulful sounds of Barry White, and plundering away at a dead lady like the club-hopping Butabi brothers to Haddaway’s “What is Love.” And just minutes before her viewing at a funeral home, no less.

A man’s gotta get his freak on. And I guess a little thing like death ain’t much of an obstacle.

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I'm not usually one of the quibblers, but I think you meant "stocking." Or I'm just terribly confused and out of the loop when it comes to necrophilia...

Damn homonyms. I have no idea what I was thinking there. Noted and corrected. -- DR

"It's possible that the burglary charge could be more serious," said the District Attorney.

Geez, I think yesterday was like international corpse-sex day or something, not only this gem of a story but there was also a problem page letter in one of the British tabloids from a woman whose husband had revealed his necrophillic desires. So many levels of ick.

Ok, so maybe Texas has the right idea about capital punishment?