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Dumbass Department Monday Round-Up

grossfeet.jpgWe start the round-up in Chicago, where a man is being held in custody for an armed robbery committed around midnight. How much did he steal? $1.50. That’s pretty much all he wanted, too.

The allegedly armed robber walked up to the male victim and said, “’Do you have 50 cents,’” according to the detective. The robber then said, “‘Hey, that ain’t enough’ and he [the robber] supposedly took out a gun,” the detective said. The victim gave the robber another dollar, which was all the money he had, and “took off,” the detective said.

I hope that $1.50 covers bail.

Out in Florida (where else?), meanwhile, a woman is considering bringing a lawsuit against Wal-Mart after wearing a pair of sandals she bought there for about an hour - she said that hour of resulted in “itching and swelling which got worse and worse, turning to blistering and scabbing until she said it was too painful to walk.” Apparently, her skin would tear apart. Wal-Mart, which has taken the sandals off the shelves, blames the supplier, which is located in China, of course. Personally, you have to blame the woman a little — what do you expect when you pay $2.44 for footwear? That walk-on-the-clouds feeling don’t come cheap. (More images of her feet, like the one above, can be found at Consumerist. And damn! It looks like Chinese manufactured the sandals with battery acid.)

And finally, speaking of Wal-Mart — in 2004, an internal audit showed over 1300 incidents in which they broke child-labor laws. This one may be the most egregious.