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Cheaty McCheaterson Gets a Tax Break

arrogantCheater.jpgIn case you somehow missed this story last week, Bill Belichick, the coach of the New England Patriots, is a big. Fat. Cheater. The arrogant cheater knowingly violated an NFL rule which prohibits coaching staff and employees from using cameras on the sidelines to record the opposing team’s signals. The NFL penalized the Pats with a $250,000 fine and the loss of a first-round draft pick, and Belichick himself was hit with a half-a-million-dollars fine.

But get this. Cheaty McCheaterson can probably deduct that fine on his taxes as “trade or business expenses.” One tax professor argued that cheating is an unfortunate “ordinary” practice for coaches and players (especially for arrogant bastards like Cheaty McCheaterson), which means the fine for getting busted is simply an expense of doing business.

I have no real point here, aside to note that this means that NFL Commissioner Goodell’s punishment isn’t quite as stiff as he’d have us believe, since Cheaty McCheaterson won’t feel the full financial impact of that $500,000 fine. Not that it matters, since the Pats gave the big fat cheater a big fact contract extension. Because they love arrogant cheaters.

I love me some New England Patriots, if it wasn’t obvious.


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Sounds like that law professor needs to have his head checked. I guarantee you the IRS would challenge that deduction, and I don't see any federal court in the land sanctioning cheating costs as a deductible business expense.