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“Our Mayor is here to protect our police from … ah … our police”

superhero.jpgIn Wellston, Missouri … well, uhm … yeah.

Tempers flare, fists fly and a gun is drawn when a fight breaks out between the Wellston police chief and his assistant chief. The mayor got in the middle and an ambulance had to be called. Now a criminal investigation is underway. The department’s two top cops got physical with each other Friday. The mayor tried to break up the fight. The assistant chief has been suspended. Pine Lawn police are investigating. (Source)

And City Hall’s statement about the situation was very comforting and reassuring:

First and foremost, I want to assure the citizens of Wellston that our city is, as always, being protected. The safety of this community and its citizens is my first concern. Secondly, the confrontation between the two police officers was an unfortunate occurrence, and will be dealt with as soon as the investigation is completed.