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Oh God! It Hurts … the Laughter … the Joy … the Tron Costume

Back in September, Seth warned that state taxes on Internet access may increase. But, why listen to Seth when you can get the same message from a woman with huge glasses, a rhinestone rainbow blouse, and gold shimmy pants singing about the Internet taxes?!

So, on this Thanksgiving, just give thanks that you’re not doing the robot in a Tron outfit or prancing around in a Peter Pan costume like some deranged version of the old dance group, Dee-Lite.

Oh, and Save the Internet!

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Oh my god. I can't believe no one has even commented on this video yet. It's...beyond any words I have at this point in the day.
Thank you.


I have less than a year to track down a boombox costume for halloween next year.

This has been around for a few years actually.

The woman is the Gem Sweater girl. She's a comedian and performance artist. And the Peter Pan guy, his pix started floating around the net eons ago along with story and site. Then of course the tron guy who made a costume and posted it online and it gained worldwide attention. A few other internet sensations like the subservient chicken, the dancing baby animation, and the little animal thingy that was eventually "hired" to be in quiznos commercials.

Fun. But it's a bit of an internet-junkie inside joke.