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The defense would like to call Harry Potter to the stand

sorcery.jpgAwesome story. Just awesome:

Having marital problems? Have you tried putting egg in your underpants?
A woman in Cyprus is on trial for sorcery after pledging to shake off a curse apparently plaguing a man’s relationship with his wife and mother-in-law.
The suggested remedy consisted of an egg, a spoon, a nail, some pubic hairs and underpants, local media reported on Friday.
“She cracked the egg into my underpants,” the 37-year-old man told a district court in the capital Nicosia.
The elderly woman wanted some 5,000 Cyprus pounds (5,968 pounds) for her efforts, the man said, so he went to police.
Sorcery is banned in Cyprus though many people indulge in card readings and palmistry and read runes in coffee cups.

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Now with that out of the way, I see what went wrong. they totally used material components. Everyone knows "Remove Curse" is labeled verbal and somatic. And it is only a level 3 spell? What kind of noob is this lady?

What a ripoff. The standard going price for an egg yoke underpants cure is 75 pounds, tops.

And yeah, I recognized the source pic too. I'm a geek. >_