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Disney hates the disabled

mickey.jpgDisney World has been sued by three disabled people who are ticked off that Disney won’t allow the use of Segways at its parks. While all three of the plaintiffs can stand, their walking ability is restricted by multiple sclerois, the accidental loss of a foot, and Lou Gherig’s disease. So they rely on Segway’s to help them get around.

The Disability Rights Advocates for Technology say that Segways provide disabled folks more mobility and dignity than wheelchairs, and the group has actually tried to get the parks to remove their Segway ban. But Disney says that its primary concern is for the safety of folks at its parks, and it’s worried about all these crazy disabled types zipping around on their Segways at speeds in excess of 12 mph.

So it appears that we need to put an asterisk on “the Happiest Place on Earth,” reading “unless you’re a crip.”

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I'm with Disney on this one. My mother was killed by a Segway (sniff).