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My god, I was this close to getting thrown out of school!

temple-owls.jpgOver the weekend, I stumbled upon an article talking about my undergrad alma mater, Temple (“I could’ve gone anywhere, but I chose Temple” actually means “I could’ve gone anywhere, but I could afford Temple”). Seems that the Owls have been involved in a lawsuit over the school’s sexual harassment policy, which has been in place since 1990. Christian DeJohn, a former Temple student, attacked the policy for being overbroad and susceptible to allowing the school to simply silence speech they disagree with. His lawyer said that the policy “is a speech code that has teeth and that chilled speech on campus.”

And now the Third Circuit has said as much as well, upholding a lower decision that found the policy unconstitutional. The ruling doesn’t hurt Temple much, since they instituted a new police last year. But it did make me realize how lucky I am.

This policy was in effect the whole time I was at Temple and, among other things, it prohibited “generalized sexist remarks and behaviour.” I mean, Jesus Christ. I probably could’ve been kicked out of school twice a day under the policy had they ever tried to enforce it! By the grace of God, man, by the grace of God….

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That policy didn't help me much unless I misinterpreted a smack on the butt and an attempt at grabbing my breasts by a stinking old physics professor as 'generalized sexist behavior.' The school pretty much told me to drop it as the incident wasn't bad enough to actually have action taken against the dirt bag. He got off with a stern talking to from the chair and then glared at me anytime we passed in the halls - nice way to protect the female student body from a hostile work environment(I was the only one in the department at the time). As I remember you expressed complete support for me - perhaps you are not the dirt bag you claim to be, unless you've been working on it in the past few years.

All that time looked in a lab with you only got me in trouble because I took the heat for almost burning down the building when my clever lab partner left a heater next to a block of wood (and that little exploding plastic bottle incident) - good times!

Matter of fact, I have indeed been working on upping my dirt bag quotient the past few years. It's become a sort of hobby!

And the lab incident wasn't entirely my fault -- as I recall, you were basically standing right next to me when I set the wood block up by the black box and didn't say nuttin. As for the exploding bottle experiment ... I have no comment.