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Note to self…

governator.jpgYes, it’s ok to send an e-mail to the Governator complaining about the state’s lack of enforcement of the Compassionate Use Act (the state’s voter initiative which made medical marijuana ok). But it’s not ok to call him a Nazi and threaten to harm him. Because that’s going to get the CHiPs on you. And if the CHiPs get a search warrant, they’ll check out your computer. And then they might find all the child porn on your computer. And then you’ll get five years in the clink, where you won’t be able to get the medical weed.

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My boyfriend has decided to go on a Schwarzenegger netflix-marathon. Last night I was treated to the cinematic genius that is Total Recall. Prior to that we had a back-to-back viewing of Conan the Barbarian AND Conan the Destroyer. Every time I watch his movies, I think to myself, "Yup, he's our Governor." Then I drink.