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No, seriously, you can totally stop

Seems that Hillary is learning from opponent Barack Obama’s success with the online video thing. So she tapped into her acting chops in creating this “The Sopranos” spoof video as a way to introduce what song has been selected as her official campaign song. I’ll give her credit for at least making a relatively timely spoof, but the creepy guest-spot doesn’t make much sense within the video’s context. But whatever. Ultimately, I’m just happy to see Bubba again.

(And so that you need not actually go to her site, I’ll ruin the surprise and tell you that the campaign chose … *shudder* … Celine Dion’s “You and I.”)

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I haven't seen the Sopranos finale yet, but was the dialogue as lame as this?

I was kind of hoping Johnny Sack would whack the both of them right there.