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Common Sense Lesson #148

glawson.jpgThat charmer to the right is Richard Glawson. Last month, he was on trial for a bunch of charges relating to a weeklong crime spree he apparently decided to partake in back in 2001. Well he was convicted of those charges, and now he’s got brand-spanking new charges to deal with. Some of those charges stem from something he allegedly said to the jury during that last trial.

That something?

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I’ll kill all of you if you find me guilty of any one charge, and that goes for your family, too.

He’s also facing charges for punching a juror from another trial of his, and for beating on a court officer.

I mean, seriously folks. When you’re facing criminal charges, treat your juries (and court officers) well. Don’t punch them. Don’t beat on them. And definitely don’t threaten them in open court. It’s just not going to work out in your favor.

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At least he called them "ladies and gentlemen."

This travesty took place here and Boston and really says a lot about the safety of non criminals in the courts. Its not the first time there has been violence in the MA court rooms (a crazy rapist stabbed his lawyer a while back), and hopefully court officers will do something more to protect the juries and lawyers in court.

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Heqit - well, to be fair, neither of those are technically spelling errors. Rather, those would be the wrong words, which is likely a result of me not paying enough attention to my spell checking. Of course, the fact remains that I am a rather poor speller, and only a quasi-competent copy editor, at best. But the bastards that run this site don't pay me enough to make sure every word is perfect.

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