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My eyes … these goggles, they do nuzzing!

radioactive-man-goggles.jpgI’m no better than most everyone else. If I hear there’s a celebrity sex tape, I kinda want to see it just because. However, I have no, no, no desire to see the sex tape starring Verne “Mini-Me” Troyer, which TMZ started showing footage of last week. And apparently, Troyer realizes what an American travesty it is for others to see him getting his mini on, so he’s now sued TMZ over its showing of the footage.

The story his camp is spinning is that the tape of him and his ex-girlfriend was stolen and, despite being sent several cease-and-desist letters, TMZ chose to post and continue hosting the footage. I’m no supporter of Troyer, who seems like a raging mini-douchebag (although he is responsible for one of the greatest moments of reality TV ever, him standing naked on a scooter pissing in the corner of the “Surreal World” living room). But in this case, I hope his lawsuit causes TMZ to fucking fold up shop, never to be heard from again. Because just knowing that I could accidentally stumble upon online video of Troyer doing whatever dirty things he’s on video doing … well, it’s doesn’t give me a special feeling down there.