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Congrats to Espana

spain-euro-2008.jpgIn honor of Spain pulling out a great win in the Euro 2008 tournament, here’s a soccer related story for all you footie fans. Over in Jolly Ol’, the police pulled over a car for speeding. The passenger decided to give a false name and, like others before him, had the bad luck of picking a name belonging to a wanted burglar. So he was arrested and taken in to the local police station. Amidst two hours of questioning, the man admitted that he wasn’t the wanted burglar. Rather, he claimed, he was Michael Thomas, a well known soccer star who had played for Arsenal and Liverpool.

Said a police source: “Nobody could believe it when he suddenly said, ‘Actually I’m Michael Thomas’. We hear things like that all of the time and thought he was having a laugh.” But he wasn’t having a laugh, and he was eventually released. Thomas now claims that the cops said he was specifically targeted because he was a black guy who seemed to have a lot of money, and he’s considering filing an official complaint.

And for the record, Arsenal sucks.

(And congrats to Spain for a well-deserved win, especially with the loan goal coming from my Liverpool boy El Nino!)

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Boo Spain!! - What fun is watching football if Germany doesn't win!?