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Music in the night, a dream that can’t be heard

romantic.jpgThirty-four year old Antonio Harris and 32-year old Aretha Thomas are in love. So when their at-home wedding ceremony was stymied because Harris was stuck in jail and couldn’t make bond, they had a little courtroom ceremony instead:

Instead of a tux, the groom wore jail-issue black and white stripes, his wrists cuffed in front of him. The bride’s ensemble was a polo shirt, jeans and tennis shoes.
The newlyweds were allowed a brief kiss before Harris was returned to his cell.
“I know it’s kind of unusual,” Thomas said. “But that’s everyday life. You never know what will happen.”
The couple had been engaged 11 years and have two children.
“I’m on top of the world,” Harris said. “It doesn’t matter what I am wearing, she makes me feel warm inside.”

He may not be so on top of the world after his trial, however, as he’s facing a possible 38 years in the clink for a variety of charges, including cocaine and marijuana trafficking, drug possession, and illegal gun possession.