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What’s on the Tape?

Baby%20Dragons.jpgA Tennessee circuit court judge has been forced to resign his position after a tape leaked that included him making a recording of his graphic, lurid fantasies, so lurid in fact, that the police and FBI thought they were listening to a torture sessions linked to a murder case.

So, what’s on the tape?

“It sounded like someone being tortured,” Chattanooga police Sgt. Alan Franks testified Wednesday. “The content was so shocking. I have been a police officer for 24 years …”

Uh huh. And what was it?

“Investigators ultimately concluded the recording consisted only of fantasies.”

OK. But, you’ve got me intrigued now. What. is. on. the. tape?

“The description of it as containing ‘graphic fantasies’ … is an accurate and sufficient description and all any decent person would want to hear of it,” the judge said in a statement.

But what about those of us who aren’t decent? Huh? That’s not a sufficient description? What could one possibly put on a tape (apparently, it was given to his secretary along with some other legal dictation) that would sound like a torture session, embarrass the man’s family, and force a judge to resign? If it’s the most shocking thing a police officer has heard in 24 years, what could it possibly contain? Was he fantasizing loudly about raping a tiger? Dragons mauling babies? What? What?!

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Since this happened in Tennessee, the fantasies were most likely of the Hillary-Clinton-in-fine-leathers-dominatrix variety, which of course is a Sin Against Nature in any of the red states.