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I Love Me Some Me

tophilly.jpgTerrell Owens (pictured in Philly green, just for Seth), cocksure semi-talented, drop-prone wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, wins my vote for trademark application of the year, filing an app for the phrase, “I Love Me Some Me,” which I’m sure he plans to market on T-shirts, bumper stickers, and lubricant-heavy right hands everywhere.

It’s a good thing, too; it’ll serve as a handy reminder for T.O. that the only person in the world that will ever love him is him.

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Damn it man. Ain't no good reason I should have to see that turncoat in Eagles green my own damn site. You're a scad, Mr. Dustin. A no good, dirty scad.

Since im 5'9 175 and white, and in no way shape or form resemble a professional NFL wide receiver, is there really any likelihood of confusion if I wear a shirt that says "I love me some me"

Hee! T.O. in Eagles Green. Donovan McNabb still owes him a bitchslap. I forgave T.O. a little when he dissed J.Simp. And I am thinking of buying one of these shirts for myself. Hilarious.