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Florida doesn’t hold the lock on stupid criminals

stickEmUp.jpgYou can find stupid criminals throughout this great nation of ours. I suspect that this is really the glue that holds America together — we all appreciate the brilliantly stupid criminals, and it’s comforting knowing that they can pop up anywhere. This story, for instance, takes place in the town of New Hudson, Michigan. That’s where a man, last week, walked into a bank to pull off a heist. He thought ahead and disguised himself with a hooded sweat shirt and sunglasses, and was even wearing winter gloves to keep his finger prints off the scene.

Smart cookie.

So when he gets into the bank, he passes a piece of cardboard to a teller, the cardboard reading “Give me your money.” When the teller wasn’t moving fast enough for him, he told her to “hurry up.” But then the teller noticed a flaw in the fledgling robber’s plan and asked him if he had a bag to put his stolen money into.

Realizing that he had forgotten this crucial piece of the puzzle, he got flustered and took off. But the cops suspect that he pulled off a successful robbery later that afternoon, and that he’s actually done some other ones. So he must’ve simply forgotten to double-check his “bank robbing to do” list that morning.

Of course, he’s still at large with suspected takings from four banks, so maybe he’s not that stupid a criminal.

…But he did forget a bag to carry out the money so, yeah, he is that stupid.