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More Legalized Wacky Tobaccy on the Horizon?

pot.jpgIn New York, both houses of the state Legislature are apparently quite close to legalizing medical marijuana. And although Governor Spitzer last year said he was against such a thing, the Daily News is reporting that his aides say that he “is now open to the legislation.”

Under the proposal, anyone with debilitating or life-threatening conditions could ask their doctors to certify that weed would benefit their condition. With such certification (and once they’ve registered with the state, of course), they could then legally possess under two-and-a-half ounces of pot, or they could grow their own (with 12 or less growing plants).

This comes on the heels of similar legislation which has already worked its way through Connecticut’s state House and Senate. Governor Rell, however, has apparently not decided whether she’s going to sign the bill into law. The legislation hasn’t hit her desk yet, but when it does, she’ll have 15 days to sign or veto it, and the decision to do neither will allow it to slip into a law at the end of those 15 days.

Meanwhile, medical marijuana is already legal in California (and in 12 other states). However, up in Mendocino County, four of the county’s five supervisors just want to see pot made legal, period. They’ve written to D.C. to plead for the legalization and regulation of marijuana. And the primary reason why these supervisors want to see weed legalized? Because there’s just too “much illegal marijuana … being grown and seized.”

Of course, we all know the Feds will not consider legalizing pot. They still refuse to consider even allowing the states to treat the whole medical marijuana issue on their own. So if that law NY does pass, and/or if Connecticut’s Governor Rell does sign the bill getting ready to come across her desk, we can still expect to see more the same federal/state showdowns we’ve seen in Cali, with folks getting busted by the Feds for selling medical marijuana to patients authorized by their state to have such weed. It’s nice that we take care of our sick so well, arresting those that try to provide them relief, you know?

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Woot! Love the NorCal shout out (although I'm from Humboldt, not Mendocino, but we've got similar issues).