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But, like, I so totally just don’t want to pay!

lohan.jpgLindsay Lohan is, yet again, in legal trouble. This time, said trouble comes courtesy of the Small Claims Court, where Grandeur, Inc. filed a $3,000 lawsuit against LinLo last month. Seems that back in October ‘05, Ms. Lohan left the severely overrated Ivy restaurant in Beverly Hills, opening up her Mercedes once she was on the road, only to wind up thumping into a car that was illegally making a u-turn, and then careening into a parked van owned by Grandeur, Inc.

According to TMZ:

At the time, Lohan’s rep said the paparazzi were chasing her. Some witnesses say she was just goofing and speeding. The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department issued a statement saying, “Preliminary investigations have revealed that paparazzi were not a factor in the traffic collision…”

Lindsay? “Goofing and speeding” when she should’ve been paying careful attention to the road? Preposterous!

Anyway, the CEO of Grandeur, Inc. sent a letter to Lindsay, asking for some cash to cover his repair costs but she declined to even respond to his letter.

Lindsay? Ignoring a perfectly reasonable request for money it sounds like she owes and which is less than what she spends on a night of boozing? Inconceivable!

TMZ also says: “A rep for Lohan had no comment.”

Lindsay? She’s got nothing to say about … oh, you get it.