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M-I-C … See you in court!

goofy-baseball.jpgAn Italian court has issued a summons for Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Tweety and Daisy Duck to appear in court to testify in a counterfeiting case. …Yes, you read that right. These imaginary characters have been ordered to appear in court and give testimony in a criminal case involving a Chinese man accused of making fake Disney and Warner Brothers products.

Now most folks seem to think this is merely a case of clerical error, that the court clerks merely screwed the pooch by writing the cartoon characters’ names on the witness list. But if you ask me, this sounds like just the kind of bullshit Goofy would pull. That motherfucker was never trustworthy — just look at him up there, trying to cheat in the baseball game with all them bats.

“What the hell is Goofy?” I’ll tell you, young and fat Jerry O’Connell. He’s a fucking prick, that’s what.