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Meth Heads are a Special Kind of Crazy

crystalMeth.jpgIn Eugene, Oregon, members of the police vice narcotics unit went into Gary Puckett’s apartment because he was suspected of being a meth dealer. Puckett was handcuffed and seated on his couch, and one detective was writing him a citation for meth possession and endangering a minor (there was a 15-year-old-girl in the pad). Other detectives, wearing latex gloves, were meandering about the apartment conducting a search.

That’s when James Lewis Wilkinson came into Puckett’s apartment, looking to score some meth. Ignoring the weird latex-gloved men, Wilkinson asked the ‘cuffed Puckett: “Can you hook me up? I really need a 30.” (Meaning a $30 bag.) Puckett said “I don’t think I can help you,” but Wilkinson was insistent. So one of the detectives decided to step into the situation by pointing to the badge hanging around his neck (oh yeah — all the detectives had their badges hanging in plain sight) and asking Wilkinson: “How does this shard look?” (“Shards” being small bits of meth.)

When Wilkinson was then told he was under arrest, he apparently said “no I’m not. I’m leaving,” and tried to run off. Needless to say, he didn’t get very far and he was quickly arrested. The cops also managed to arrest a dude who wondered into Puckett’s apartment with seven meth bags and when he saw the detectives — at least he recognized that the guys were detectives – he stuffed the meth bags into his mouth. And a fourth man was arrested when he showed up to the apartment with an illegal butterfly knife (which he intended to use to threaten Wilkinson, as he didn’t want Wilkinson sealing drugs to his girlfriend anymore).

The article says: “After that, police stopped answering the door.” Why the hell would they do that? I’d think they’d set up shop in the apartment for days and simply wait for all the crazies to come in and get themselves arrested.

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Maybe all the people coming in the apartment were the missing members of the 60s (I think?) group, the Union Gap. Back then, you never say Gary Puckett without them.

Wondered? Sealing? Spelling checkers are great, but there's no substitute for proof-reading.