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Well if you’re gonna be a drunk driver, at least be an amusing one

reservedDUI.jpgLast week, Justin Callahan was driving his black truck on the highway, cutting off other drivers and flipping them the bird. He also chased after a driver and tried to run another off the road. He was eventually pulled over by the cops, who suspected he might be drinking (an open bottle of Wild Turkey found his truck certainly helped give that suspicion some legs). When they asked Callahan how much he had to drink, however, he threw down the gauntlet: “You figure it out.” He then refused to take a Breathalyzer or field sobriety test, which of course got him an immediate arrest and DUI charge.

Once he was put into the back of the squad car, he did his best to amuse the officers with various drunk statements. First, choosing to ignore the fact that he had just been arrested by a man in a cop uniform, he asked an officer what he did for a living. Later, he told the officer that he thought he was in Rochester, New York (you’ll be shocked to know that he was actually in Tampa, Florida). And lastly, he claimed: “I built this city.” I don’t know what this was in reference to, but I can only hope it was a reference to the wonderful Jefferson Airplane song: