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Me and that sidewalk, we were in love, mate

sidewalk.jpgA British teenager shows his love in the strangest of ways:

Motorists looked on in shock as Steven Marshall, 18, hauled down his trousers and started to simulate sex on the floor.
Marshall — drinking while taking pills for arthritis — also carried out a vile sex act in front of a horrified female taxi driver in Galashiels, Selkirkshire.
He admitted a charge of public indecency at Selkirk Sheriff Court and got 12 months probation.
Sheriff Drummond commented: “This was bizarre. Anyone who lies on the road in the daylight, is significantly intoxicated and is partially undressed has a problem.”
But Marshall will not be put on the sex offenders’ register after Sheriff Drummond accepted the June offence “was not primarily sexually motivated”.

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Okay, the sex with the pavement I can understand. I've been truned on by weird things myself....but why is an 18 year old taking arthritis medicine. I'm sure there's a logical explanation, but did no one think to ask?

"Vile sex act"? I'm assuming that the implication isn't just that it's vile because it's a sex act, but rather a sex act which belongs to the subset of "vile" ones. If so, I really wanna know what it was. Because it wasn't just "gross," or "disturbing." It was ***"vile"***. Color me curious.

dawn- he probably has JRA (juvenile rheumatoid arthritis) which can be super painful. As for vile sex acts... really what could he do by himself? standing up, no less?