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Pwning n00bs on the county’s dime: priceless

Forget about Spitzer’s high priced hooker, this is a “waste of taxpayer money” I can understand!

Emphasis mine:

A computer that Rockwall County District Attorney Ray Sumrow says he built as a backup server for his office contained documents related to eBay sales, personal e-mails and a cheat sheet for a computer game, an FBI computer expert testified Monday morning.
Rod Gregg, an FBI senior forensic examiner, said 80 percent of the content he found on the computer appeared to be personal rather than work-related.
Mr. Sumrow is being tried in Dallas on charges of forgery, theft and records tampering. As part of the case, prosecutors allege that he used office funds to buy the computer for personal use.
“I would not configure a backup computer in that way,” Mr. Gregg said.
“When I saw that, I did not think of anything related to a government agency,” he said.
The computer – equipped with two hard drives, seven fans, high-end video and audio cards, a wireless Internet connection and cables that glow under ultraviolet light – is designed for playing video games, prosecutors say.
Alan Timberlake, assistant director of information technology for Rockwall County, called the computer “gimmicky” and more suited to a college dorm room than an office.
Defense attorney James Wheeler said Mr. Sumrow built the computer from parts he purchased on sale.

And as usual, Penny Arcade articulates my feelings about this better than I could.

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I love how there's never a middle ground.. it's always 'office' or 'college dorm'.

"He worn an outfit more suited for a college dorm than an office."
"Her hairstyle was more suited for a college dorm than an office."

Eh, I hate corporate life.