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McDonald’s has been sued in China, and it’s not over food quality

mcFries.jpgApparently it’s China Week here on QuizLaw, as I again find my attention drawn to a law-related story from over yonder (you’ll recall yesterday’s story about the biggest recorded bank heist in China’s history). This time, it’s the story of Shan, a Chinese lawyer who is suing Micky-D’s over its receipts. He went to two different Beijing McDonald’s recently and was unhappy to receive receipts that were primarily in English. So he’s sued the chain, arguing that this practice violates consumers’ right to know.

Now if this were taking place in America, you know that Shan would be asking for $1 bajillion, and licensing rights for the next 50 years. But the more practical Chinese lawyer simply wants an apology and a token payment of about thirteen cents. McDonald’s has declined to comment on the case but, earlier this month, it apparently updated its receipts to now be in Chinese. Which would seem to make sense, being that the restaurants are in China and all.