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Has Anyone Ever Heard of Internet Hunting?

6202200332243865.JPGI’m not going to ridicule the Massachusetts legislature for passing what many probably assume is a ridiculous law, because until today, I’d ever even heard of this recreational activity. As far as I know, it’s all the rage with the interweb NRA geeks.

Anyway, the Massachusetts House passed a bill that would make the state the 34th to ban hunting via an internet connection. Apparently, folks can log onto their internet connection, dial up one of these services on their web browser, and then via web cam and a remote control rifle they can bag themselves a deer, wild pig, antelope, duck, etc. For an additional fee, you can even have the animal’s head sent to you. (And there is even an Internet Hunting Society!)

Apparently, these services exist for the wheelchair bound and others who are too disabled to go out into the woods themselves. Or, you know, the really fucking lazy. It’s insane — at least with live hunting, the animals sort of know who to run away from. But, damn — how would a deer know to steer clear of a remote control device? You know what would be awesome? Internet hunting of Internet hunters. That’s something I could get behind.

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Yeah, Nebraska has one of those laws on the books now too. Since last year

Yeah, I saw one of those primetime news specials on it. Pretty despicable. I mean, if you are going to unnecessarily slaughter animals for what amounts to shits and giggles, then you have to give back a little. Take your fat ass to a goddamn forest, get bit up by every insect out there, cover yourself in animal urine, and sit there for hours bored to tears like a real man, ya pansies.

Yes, someone started up something like this in texas a year or two ago and then it was put out of business.