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McCain Will Steal Your Babies, but Terrorist Obama will Eat Them

The hard-core character attacks have begun, which I suppose was inevitable, particularly as McCain slipped in the polls. I didn’t expect the McCain campaign to go as low as it did over the weekend, though, suggesting that Obama — who once served on a board with William Ayers, who was engaged in that hippy violence back when Obama was 8 years old — was palling around with terrorists. Give me a fucking break, dude.

But of course, the networks and CNN — desperate themselves to create some new drama now that the bailout drama has passed — has picked it up and run with it. By the time the network news rolls around tonight, it’ll be the top story. Brian Williams, et. al., will report that it’s not particularly accurate, but they’ll report it all the same.

Fortunately, it looks like Obama isn’t going to sit there and take it, like Kerry did. He’s had a magic bullet up his sleeve for months, and I suspect he was wary of using it, but was saving it just in case McCain starting attacking indiscriminately like a wounded pit bull.

The Keating Five, y’all. Yeah. He went there. And expect him to keep going there, as long as McCain/Palin continue to throw the kitchen sink.

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Nice Spin, dude. Except, you know, she's right. Obama indeed spent several years hanging out with Ayers, and unless you want to say he's not a terrorist, then what, exactly, did she say that was wrong?

Ayers flat out to this day still promotes violence, is not repentant one iota, and has never shown any signs of remorse. If he had, maybe the "Oh we all are fools when we are young" defense you are peddling might work. But it isn't so--Ayers is proud of what he did and wishes he'd done more.

Obama is now trying the old "I didn't know about him" defense, which if true is even more of a reason to fear him in a position of power, since Ayers was being feted by local Chicago Dems for decades. Guess the Democrat party really doesn't see anything wrong with mass murder--as long as they are US Troops and babies. How else to explain how Ayers is now a respectable Democrat?

Sarah gives speeches to an Alaska organization that supports succession (and hangs out with Todd who is a member). Does that make her a traitor by association? How about McCain and his ties to G. Gordon Liddy, Keating, etc?

Let's keep the campaign civil because the amount of glass houses to be destroyed would leave this country in a shambles.

Funtime, I think you meant "secession," but your point still remains a valid one.

Vanceone-Idiot! Oh, your neighbors are swingers. What? You didn't know? Welcome to America. Now you know! Guilt by Association!

Undecided Voters-Real Idiots!

Conservative Republicans & the War-If you can't win a heated debate between being Pro-life & Pro-Choice, how in the hell are you going to win a religious war.
Victory is in sight...in your dreams.

Say it ain't so!

Hannah, I totally read a book back in elementary school called "Hannah is a Palindrome."

My full name is Hannah Ana Palindrome. =)

Funtime, I think you meant "secession," but your point still remains a valid one.

You are correct - I can spell, but I sure can't type!