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I’ll take “The Rapists” for $200…

reuters-waterboard.jpgDespite the fact that reality is looking increasingly grim these days, Americans seemingly can’t get enough of “reality” television. We import many of these shows - from “Big Brother” to the jaw-achingly inane “Hole in the Wall,” but here’s one I hope stays on the other side of the pond: According to the Daily Mail, “Unbreakable,” a reality series debuting this week on British TV, boasts the motto, “Pain is Glory, Pain is Pride, Pain is Great to Watch.”

The show will feature contests in which, among other things, participants contend with piranhas, get buried alive and experience “waterboarding.” As you might imagine, contestants were a little worse for wear: “One of the volunteers was so traumatised they had convulsions on the first day of filming. Another ran away into the African bush and had to be found with tracker dogs.” And those Project Runway kids bitch about the pressure! While the Bush administration continues to deny that waterboarding is torture, like the rest of the world, the British do classify it as such, and several MP’s are already investigating the show.