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David Letterman: “It’s not a time for beginners”

I’ve been watching David Letterman most of my life — it’s how I start most mornings. He’s actually a personal hero of mine, even as his edges have been smoothed out by age and the 11:30 spot. And up until recently, Letterman honestly has rarely exhibited any political preferences. There have been times, in fact, when I was convinced he was a Republican, and other times when I couldn’t quite tell (he seems to have an off-the-charts respect for the military). Mostly, I think, Letterman — a registered Independent — bases his vote and his preferences on who he thinks is best for the country. Period. And, for the most part, he keeps that to himself (although his disdain for Bill O’Reilly is well known, and he’s nearly as disgusted with Olbermann).

But over the past couple of weeks — since McCain stood Dave up in favor of Katie Couric — Letterman has allowed his politics to seep into his show. He’s not exactly pimping Obama or anything, but he seems genuinely irritated with McCain and just plain pissed off about Palin. Most of the time, his rancor is limited to his monologues and the gags, but on Friday, he interviewed Brian Williams, and during that interview, Letterman really, really exhibited his distaste for what’s going on. Maybe it’s just me, but I think it says a lot about what’s going on in this campaign that Letterman has revealed his allegiances.

Anyway, the interview is enlightening. And Brian Williams is, as always, absolutely great.

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Does anyone know what the skinny really is on Brian Williams' politics? On the right-wing blogs they trash him as a pinko who interned in the Carter White House and on the leftie blogs (including HuffPo) they accuse him of being a sniveling Republican hand crafted by Brokaw to carry on his right-leaning approach to news. Any clue? Anyone?