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Maybe they’re for a really big Tupperware party?

TupperwareParty.jpgHey, folks. Been a while since you saw the usually-absent non-lawyer around these parts huh?

Yeah, well I am working on that. Meanwhile, there is like, a crapload of plastic coffins just sitting outside of Atlanta? And they are kinda freaking people out. And nobody is really talking about them.

Now, I am not one for conspiracy theories and the like, but it is kinda weird that all these coffins are just sitting there. And not just here. There are sightings outside at least three other cities.

In case you think they aren’t really coffins, here is a link to the manufacturer’s website. And here is video of the coffins themselves:

Yeeeaaaah. That isn’t really kosher with me, ya know? Living here and all?

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Plastic coffins are such a bad idea. They prevent perfectly good organic matter from decomposing into the ground (if the bodies are contaminated with bio weapons, they should be burned, no plastic will contain that crap). Just more evidence that the Bush Administration hates the environment,

You buy 500,000 plastic coffins because your friend owns a coffin manufacturing company. Keep greasing those wheels...