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And the hits just keep on comin’!

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The best part is that in June she issued a statement about her disappointment over the SCOTUS decision in Exxon vs. Baker. Given that the state referred to complex subjects such as Maritime Law, I assume she had some help.

Seeing PaddyDog's comment does make this much worse, although I'm kind of disappointed people feel the need to say she couldn't think of ANY supreme court decisions. She couldn't think of any she disagreed with. Which is theoretically a much smaller pool.

She's still an idiot (at least in interviews), though.

ps. I wasn't referring to your site - I've seen that said on other blogs and on one or two of the news networks.


Agree on your point that few people could name actual decisions (although Brown vs Bd of Ed???). But to me the context makes it much worse because she has so many positions on issues the SCOTUS has decided (death penalty expansion, torture, book banning) and she didn't have to name the actual cases, she could have just said "I really disagree with reducing compensatory damages from Exxon to Alaska" but clearly she has no interest in understanding waht's going on even in her own state. She just spouts populist sound bites and does that catty sarcastic act. She'll do it again tonight and people will love her.

Lawrence v. Texas & Planned Parenthood v. Casey.

She is an Idiot!