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Man Seeks Superfast Weight Gain

20080402_053918_richardson_VIEWER.jpgA California man who apparently didn’t get enough calories from a Whopper and fries at Burger King decided that he wanted a little something to wash down his food with: Cooking oil. Used. 300 gallons of it.

David Richardson, 49, was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of stealing grease after police said he siphoned it from a storage tank at a Morgan Hill Burger King.
A Burger King manager called police because he didn’t recognize the truck belonging to a man he saw siphoning the oil. When police stopped Richardson, his 5,000-gallon oil tank was half-full.
Police suspect the Illinois man, who worked for Restaurant Oils of America in Las Vegas, intended to recycle the oil at an Atascadero refinery for $1.35 a gallon. A full tank would have been worth $6,750.
“Our guess is it’s a biodiesel fuel thing. It’s like someone stealing copper wire,” said Morgan Hill police Cmdr. David Swing. “This might turn into something that starts to occur more frequently.”

Well, at least he’s an environmentally-friendly kook.

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Reminds me of a Simpsons episode...

didn't homer do that on the simpsons once?

What's weird about this to me is that (at some places in the NW at least, and I would assume elsewhere as well) if you ask them for the used cooking oil, they'll give it to you for free. Why steal it then? Too strange....

Oh God. That's my hometown. The stupidity around there knows no bounds...