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Letting someone else do the dirty work — that’s the American way!

heist.jpgTwo guys decided that the way to make some quick cash would be to rob the local jewelry store. And they managed to execute their plan flawlessly, scooping up cash and gems from the Milwaukee store. But then they ran into a problem as they were leaving the area. Because another group of guys decided that the way they’d make some quick cash would be to rob the robbers!

Police Lt. Thomas Welch says a fight broke out in the street Wednesday before the groups got in vehicles and a chase ensued. Welch says officers pulled over both vehicles and arrested four people, including the original two robbers, ages 40 and 31, and two men from the second group, of ages 22 and 27. … But he says police didn’t recover any cash or jewelry and are searching for more suspects.

(Hat tip: Patricia)

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nice, really nice!

Time once again to play "Guess That Race@". Everything I've read just refers to the robbers as "robbers" "guys" "men" etc. very PC, how do we find out if the are BLACK or WHITE? It would just be reporting the facts.