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Happy Puppy

beagle-puppy.jpgMichelle Owen, of Indiana, didn’t like or trust her ex-boyfriend. Concerned that he had used her laptop to search for kiddy porn, she asked the cops to take a look at her computer. But she didn’t just come into the precinct station to ask them to check out her laptop. Rather, she asked them while she was sitting in the drunk tank, having been busted for public intoxication (which was, itself, a violation of her prior DUI parole).

Then things got weird because, while the cops did not find any kid porn, they did find two beastiality videos. Videos of Owen, herself, getting it on with Toby, a beagle.

According to a police affidavit … a cop told Owen that he had found videos of her on the laptop and asked if she “knew what those files might be.” Owen, pictured in the below mug shot, replied, “The one with the dog.” … After asking if she was “going to be charged with this,” Owen said that the videos “were just something she did when she was drunk and barely remembers it,” adding that she tried to “delete them the next day when she was sober.”

When asked for comment, Toby said, “yeah, I got the gal drunk and fucked her. Would do it again, too — you know what kinda bragging rights this gets you on the street? I’ve got bitches falling all over themselves to get a piece of the human-fucker.”

(Hat tip: Col. Kickass, via FilmDrunk)

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This is NOT right. Not at all.

I really, really used to love the name Toby for a dog.

I'm just puzzled over the logistics. I mean, who gets drunk and decides to do THAT? That poor, poor little beagle.

I'm puzzled at how she "tried to delete them" and failed...

Next time I get bitched out for drunk dialing...I will be sure to bring this up.

I really just need to scrub my brain right now.