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Latest Mother of the Year Candidate

motherOfTheYear.jpgChristine Aaron, a 34-year-old Oklahoma woman, laughs at Todd Hansford and his whole “showing up to get his kids while drunk” business. She farts in his general direction. She drinks his milkshake, because she’s not the one who shows up to her four-year-old daughter’s school drunk.

No sir. That’d be the four-year-old daughter who showed up drunk!

Seems that the wonderful Aaron left an open beer can out as she fell asleep (fell asleep or passed out?). Her inquisitive daughter proceeded to drink two-thirds of the can, which is unsurprisingly enough to get a little girl drunk. The mother reportedly scolded the girl when she realized what had happened, but then took her to school anyway. While the mom is spinning this like a one-time thing, a police spokesman said: “We have reason to believe that the child has drunk beer in the past.”

I mean, not that I blame the little girl. If I lived in Oklahoma, I’d want to start drinking as soon as I could too.

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No shit...and I speak from experience.