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Where the Hell is PETA on This?

frog.gifHillary Clinton is not only a candidate for President, she’s an animal torturer:

“You all know how to boil a frog don’t you?” she asked the folks in Mississippi, which votes Tuesday.
“Yeah!” some in the crowd yelled.
“You know you drop a frog in hot water, it jumps right out,” Clinton said, telling her frog analogy with more vigor than usual. “But, you put it in cold water and you turn up the heat pretty soon you got a boiled frog.”

Or, if you don’t like boiled frog, how about caviar?

“The best job I ever had in preparation for running for office was a job I had sliming fish in Alaska,” Clinton said. “I was in a salmon fishery where they brought in the salmon. They had some experts from Japan who were there and slit the fish open and took out the caviar and I was there in hip boots with a spoon, and my job was to clean out everything else.

Really now? Hillary Clinton worked in a salmon fishery? She wore hip boots, huh?

Actually, I was going to laugh at that ridiculous notion, but I just looked it up, and sure enough, between Wellesley and Yale Law, she did, indeed, slime salmon in Alaska before she was fired for complaining about unhealthy conditions.

Huh. Color me impressed.

Whatever! The point is, it’s not nice to slow boil frogs alive. That’s all I’m saying.

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I don't know what Hillary was using the boiling-frog thing as analogy for, but its already been used. Al Gore used it in an Inconvenient Truth to talk about our situation with global warming. The only reason that I know that is because my science teacher made us discuss that comparison for an entire class- yawn. But anyway, isn't that plagiarizing?

why would one boil a frog? to eat?

Is it worse to do to a frog than a lobster? Is that because the frog would have the means to escape, whereas the lobster would not? Do frogs croak as they're *snicker* croaking?

I'll tell you where PETA is. They are trying to get the money to pay their electric bill. It's not cheap keeping the dead bodies of all those animals they "rescued" frozen.