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Latest candidate for Mother of the Year

jesus-phone.jpgAn Idaho woman, Pamela Joan Fargo, has been arrested on two charges of felony injury to a child after detectives entered her home (working on a prior investigation) and “were immediately overcome by a strong odor and could see evidence of dog and cat urine and feces on furniture and on the floor in each of the rooms.”

Now if a mother wants to raise her kids among urine and feces, I say that’s her prerogative. But where I draw the line, and why I’m glad Fargo was arrested, is with this:

During their investigation, detectives also found a partial carcass of an elk on the garage floor.

I understand that Fargo’s 14 and 17-year-old sons were devastated because they don’t know who they’re going to play with now that Eugene the Elk is gone.