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The Daily Memo - 11/14/07

check.jpgThat’s my kind of habit. (Legal Antics)

check.jpgAnd that’s totally my kind of footnote. Thy will be done indeed. (WSJ Law Blog)

check.jpgWhile MA governor Deval Patrick continues the march for slot casinos in the Commonwealth, he’d like all online gamblers tossed in the clink for two years. Scumbag gamblers! (Valleywag)

check.jpgSo wait, being a judge doesn’t entitle you to blow jobs from your staff? Maybe they do need a raise then. (Above the Law)

check.jpgJeff Goldblum and his dirty double entendres are being taken to court. (Cinematical)

check.jpgOne Illinois school district is planning to ignore new legislation requiring all public schools to have a moment of silence. (Chicago Tribune)

check.jpgA two-year-old British girl was sent a citation for speeding at 65 miles per hour, although the authorities eventually (and begrudgingly) admitted that it was, you know, a mistake. (Daily Mail)

check.jpg“It’s not easy being us.” The “us” here being lawyers with broad duties of confidentiality. (Law.com)