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Last Night’s Best Moment

I’ll just say this about the debate, because it looks like the bailout will dominate the political scene today, and Palin and Biden will likely be complete non-factors for the rest of the election: I wasn’t nearly as surprised that Palin didn’t drool over herself and fling feces as I was that Joe Biden didn’t fuck it up. I wasn’t nearly as worried about Palin overperforming as I was Biden underperforming, and Biden was … well, he was better than Obama was in the first debate. He had what I thought was an impossible task, and he had more restraint than seemed possible. There were moments when I would’ve walked across the stage, grabbed her by the shoulders, and begged her to answer the goddamn question she was asked. Just once, lady. And every time she started talking about Alaska, it sounded like a woman who was using her experience as a babysitter in a job interview for a forklift operator.

I’m also pretty annoyed that, because of the expectations game, the pundits talked more about the ways that Palin did not fuck up than the many more ways in which she did. Did anyone listen to her talk about climate change? She just kept repeating the word “impact” and “tapped” while giving that goddamn wink of hers. I bet there were a lot of middle-American housewives looking over at their husbands and asking, “What the hell are you smiling at, Joe Six Pack.” Still, I’m less bothered by her rambling incoherence than I was that she wouldn’t answer the fucking questions.

It’s good to know she supports the Democrats position on same-sex benefits, though.

The best perspective I’ve read, actually, comes from a Pajiba reader in The Netherlands, who wrote on her blog, after Palin refused to answer the question on her Achilles heel (not sure she knows what it means):

Now how is that answering the question in any way, shape or form? It’s not! But the problem is her job tonight was not to answer the questions to the best of her abilities, as is a reasonable expectation from a potential vice president. Her job was not to embarrass herself too much (as she has done over the past few weeks) and especially not to think for herself. The bar was lowered considerably for her, and as I’m watching the post debate discourse, she is being judged on that level. It’s infuriating! Any reasonable mind would find Joe Biden the uncontested winner of this debate, but that is not what counts. Because this election is not going to be decided by reasonable minds, it’s going to be decided by people who ‘feel’ that Palin is genuine (a laughable thought, I haven’t seen a shark this big since I went cage diving in South Africa), who ‘feel’ (shiver) that she is just like them. There is nothing more I can add to that discussion because many have stated my point earlier, more eloquent than I would have, and ad nauseum, so let me just say that it scares the bejeezus out of me.

Well fucking said.

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It was downright painful to watch Palin duck and run last night. The questions weren't difficult, and they seemed to be the type of questions any reasonable person would be able to answer. It was almost as if the McCain camp had only given her notecards with half the answers on them, and when she figured out that she wouldn't be able to read her way through her responses, she just gave up and went off on hr usual tangents about Alaska, Middle America, and Mavericks.

Would someone please call bullshit on her insistence that she is a "working-class american." She's fucking rich!! She's not middle class! SHE'S A GOVERNOR. Maybe she was part of a lower class in her younger days, but she hasn't been on par with the average working class in a loooooong time.

The debates would have made an awesome drinking game! If only I had thought ahead, and made a party out of it. "Nucular, "Maverick," "Main Street," "Kitchen Table," and "Looking Back/Forward," would have been kick ass words to drink on. We would have all gotten wasted.

I agree. I thought the CNN reporters were on crack after the debate. They thought Sarah Palin was great. Did I miss something? Were we all watching the same debate? She didn't answer a lot of the questions & her FOLKSY AW SHUCKS NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR MADE ME WANT TO PUKE.
CNN Focus Group. There was one lady who said she would now vote for McCain/Palin because of the VP debate. The reporter asked her why she liked Palin over Biden. Her response was she was nice. DUH.
I'm really starting to think there are a lot of people who should not vote. Well golly geebers...I think Palin won the debate because she smiled & seemed so nice. Retards.
Three Elle-I agree! If I heard MAVERICK one more time...ughhhhh

And what was with that Goddamned wink???? You're not in a bar, woman. You're not at some social meet and greet. I can't imagine for one second Hillary Clinton engaging, let alone get away, with such behavior. It's actually demeaning to women. Like she's ready to lead the free world, but "eek, is that a spider? Kill it, Todd. Eww."

I'm sorry, but women can't have it both ways. This is the presidency of the United States, not Wasilla High.

Sarah Palin is to white women what Clarence Thomas is to black folks. Grossly unqualified for the position she's taking. I guess if this is what happens when Republicans exercise Affirmative Action, then I really should be opposed to it.

Every time Palin opens her mouth it's like listening to fingernails on a blackboard. She sounds so fucking condescending every time she talks. Joe Sixpack my ass; she'd probably call security to remove Joe if he ever sat next to her in public.

You know, I'm not much of a Hilary Clinton fan, but at least she proved she could run with the big boys.

And Sarah, really - answer a question directly or just admit you don't fucking know.

That hit the lipsticked bulldog on the head.

My favorite part was her response to people saying shes not actually answering the questions.

She didn't always answer questions, but turned that into a point of pride, saying she may not be answering the way Biden or moderator Gwen Ifill wanted to hear, but that "I'm going to talk straight to the American people."

From an AP article.

Talk straight? If you're not actually answering the questions AND admitting it then...... WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT EVEN MEAN???!!!!

It's fascinating to watch CNN's little ticker underneath; I watched it on another station, so it's quite cool to see the approval PLUMMET the second SP started talking. When we saw this moment in the debate, I turned to my husband as said "he just won this thing. He spoke for all men who are kind of sick of the idea that household / family issues are only understood by women, and women love a good a father." It was such a genuine, moving moment.

It doesn't hurt that Joe Biden knows everything about everything, either. I think she laid on the bs with a trowel last night, and Biden's calm, personable presence and VAST KNOWLEDGE just were highlighted by her goshdarnits and winking. I actually cringed when she trotted out "There you go again, Joe." ACK.

My only regret is that she didn't fail so spectacularly that she'll be blamed for McCain's loss. I fear she'll run for the presidency in 2012 - I'd much rather never hear from her again outside her inevitable run on "Dancing with the Stars."

The wink and the bangs made me cringe. That accent, which she emphasized when she spoke, was so annoying and distracting that I spent more time trying to figure out why she sounded like she was from Minnesota instead of Alaska then listening to her non-answers.

What were those people in Alaska thinking when they elected her?

I am so glad that so many people have brought up Hillary. I think the thing that has bugged me the most about SP is that every one wants to treat her with kid gloves.

I understand that Joe Biden had to be "respectful" and not go after her on the issues. I know that for him to do that would have made him the "bad guy" and it would have been bad for the party for him to come across that way.

But no one felt the need to treat Hillary with kid gloves. No one felt the need to be "respectful" of her when she ran. No. When it was Hillary, everyone was like "well how can she be president if she can't take the tough questions?"

And lets face it, John McCain is old. And he has a - lets just say spotted medical history. So, if he wins (which my being a black woman who was born and raised in America means I simply can't count that out) this woman actually stands to be the next president.

And yet she gets the first lady treatment rather than the "you could potentially be running this country" treatment. It offends me as a woman. It offends me as an American that so many people believe that this woman is suited for the job.

Maybe I am an elitist (seriously, I love me some arugala), but I do think that education, foreign police experience, an understanding of our legal system, and a basic understanding of your party's policies are important if you are going to run a freaking country.

I'm so angry at McCain. I used to think he was a good guy and his choosing her as his running mate has made me lose so much respect for him.

It's going to be so awesome when McCain wins and you folks have anurisms. Maybe you can find nice homes in France or Canada. That would be some "Change I can believe in"!

Ganesh, please name 3 things McCain/Palin would do differently from the Bush administration, and explain how they would be beneficial changes.


He could have a massive heart attack and she could be crushed by a moose all in the same day?

=) Oh, how I love to day dream.....


ganesh-TAKE OFF THE BLINDERS! Admit it! You voted for Bush TWICE & you think he's doing a GREAT JOB. You like McCain & Palin now, but IF Palin becomes President...I don't think you will be laughing. You're so out of touch! You probably don't own a passport or if you do travel you expect everyone to speak English! If Obama was treated with kid gloves you would be respond differently. The Republicans always have an excuse. Bristol Palin? Hypocrites

"Palin refused to answer the question on her Achilles heel (not sure she knows what it means): "

How did that question go again, we perceive your weakness to be this, what really is your weakness? Or tell us where else we can throw wrenches at you! (How stupid of a question is that anyway)?

Biden did not answer the question either!

She answered what was an accusation, by stating that she did not agree with the perception of non experience.

He answered by changing lack of discipline to passion.

The rest of both was a wash!

Isn't a question about what you perceive to be your weaknesses a standard question asked at every job interview? And isn't the answer usually to make your weakness seem more like a strength? I thought that was what Biden did, while Palin simply refused to answer.

Actually, didn't ever vote for Bush. Don't think he is doing a great job either. I'm a conservative not a Republican. As for a passport, my wife is from England and her parents are from Punjab. Trust me when I say I've traveled a bit durring our 12 years of marriage. As for Palin being Pres., that bothers me as much as Obama having the job but it's not a forgone conclusion if McCain is elected.. And if you think that Obama has been handled with anything OTHER than kid gloves, I don't know what to tell you.

Watching Palin shovel on the folksiness, and thinking to myself about all the unfit-for-democracy nitwits lapping it up at that very moment, I suddenly remembered why I love elitism.

Squaring off in the voting booth against people who have at least thought the issues through and made a serious decision, even if I'm sure they're wrong...that's painful, but acceptable as the price of democracy. But sharing the process with people who vote on image alone and can't even be bothered to check whether the image matches the facts behind it....that's torture.

You're not picking the Homecoming Court. Can't you half-wits please limit your voting to American Idol, and let the grown-ups work?