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I Knew It! I Knew It! (Part II)

fantasy_football_07-03.jpgFantasy football stereotypes are true!

A 35-year-old man was arrested Monday morning after he allegedly became upset over points in his Fantasy Football league and threatened to kill his roommate.
According to a report from the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, Chester Marcial “Chet” Ward, of the 4500 block of Duncan Road in Punta Gorda, allegedly sliced pages in the book his roommate was reading before holding a knife to his roommate’s neck and threatening to kill him.
The report stated the roommate, who “was in fear of his life,” went to a neighbor’s home and called 911.
When deputies arrived, Ward admitted to being upset over points from his fantasy football league and that he asked his roommate to move out of the residence. Because the roommate was ignoring him, Ward told the deputies that he pulled out his knife and cut the book as a joke.

This is not funny; fantasy football is serious business. If somebody stiffs you points, they deserve to die.