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Killing Time in Colorado

colorado.jpgColorado is one of only three states in the US which has its boundaries made solely of lines of latitude and longitude. That’s about the most interesting thing my research turned up about the state. So I get that folks would want to kill time there by hitting up the oldest time killer, nookie. But a former prosecutor is now looking at a possible three-year suspension of her law license because that’s how she decided to kill time. Though the problem here is that she was getting down and dirty with a local judge who presided over at least two of her prosecutions.

I told you about this back in April – the 29-year-old lawyer started her fling with the 57-year-old judge in early 2006, and both admit that they got their sexual prosecution on in the judge’s chambers and in the courthouse women’s showers. Hurst has now admitted that her actions constituted misconduct, and she’s agreed to a three-year suspension of her license, although the understanding is that she’ll only serve six months of it, and that the rest will be stayed while she serves two-and-a-half years of probation.

I’m sure the pickings are pretty slim in Castle Rock, Colorado, but seriously — there must be someone other than a presiding judge (or a prosecutor who appears before you) who you can get your nasty on with, no? I mean, we all know you don’t prosecute where you eat.

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So, wait, what happened the the judge in this case? He acted just as inappropriately. Was he also punished?

The judge's case is still pending.

The sad thing is, there's plenty of pickings in Castle Rock - it's halfway between Denver and Colorado Springs, so whether your taste runs to illegal immigrants, hippies, Focus on the Family members, or Air Force Academy plebes, you can find SOMETHING.