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Do You Think They Wear That Horsey Costume for Halloween?

horsey.jpgHarvey Miller and Edwin Marzinske should know better. The 43- and 55-year-old Wisconsinites already have revoked licenses, so they shouldn’t even be driving at all, let alone driving drunk. And yet, drive drunk they did, with respective blood alcohol levels of 0.16 and 0.09 (aw man, Marzinske just missed out on being legal, poor schmoe). They were arrested and cited with both a DUI and driving under a revoked license.

But here’s where things get fun - they were busted driving the same truck at the same time! Yes sir - turns out that Miller’s legs are paralyzed (the unfortunate result of a logging accident), so while he was steering the truck, Marzinske was working the gas and brake pedals:

Miller said he takes drunken driving seriously, “but we were doing things as safe as possible.”

But get this - the two are planning to defend themselves in court against the charges and their argument is going to be that neither of them was actually driving since neither had full control over the truck. If we buy this questionable logic, how, exactly does “nobody had control” qualify as “doing things as safe as possible?” I love the idiotic arguments people come up with.

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These guys probably got the idea for this defense from FEMA or the war on terror.