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I hope he washed his gavel afterwards

gavel.jpgOut in Colorado, a local judge and a lady prosecutor who … uhm … frequently appeared in his courtroom have gotten themselves into a little trouble. Judge Grafton M. Biddle (who’s 57) and prosecutor Laurie A. Steinman (who’s almost three decades his junior, at 29) have admitted to having sexual romps in the judge’s chambers, as well as in the women’s showers at the courthouse.

This confession comes in connection with a complaint filed with the Attorney Regulation Council, and the pending investigation could lead to both of them getting disbarred. Biddle has already resigned from being a judge - he did so back in December, in fact, when these rumors first started circulating. And four days later, Steinman was fired by her district attorney.

The real question here is: Am I really going to end this post with the following terrible pun?

Well this gives a whole new meaning to “counselor, please come into chambers and show me your legal briefs.”

You bet I am! Smell ya’ later…